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We talk to Kristina about why people learn to sew and what happens when they take sewing courses.

Learning to sew at Needlefruit Sewing Lounge can be anything you want it to be. Just like in your own creative project, it’s in your hands to make it the way you want. But why learn to sew?

  1. It’s a skill for life. You can make your own clothes.
  2. It’s a creative pursuit.
  3. You can express yourself.
  4. For many it can be an escape or an opportunity to be social.
  5. The “Yay me!” feeling when learning something new and completing projects.

At Needlefruit we run sewing courses for different levels and have social groups, we can even do one-on-one lessons.

Having a skill like sewing can be very rewarding. Of course you can sew your own clothes but you will also be able to sew and mend clothes you have. You’ll be able to quickly sew small projects around the home and for gifts. Many people express themselves artistically with sewing and create sewn wall hangings or soft furnishings and toys.

To sew is often like drawing or sculpture. Learning to sew itself is a great way to spend time with friends or to make new ones.

Some of our Sewing Courses

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