Sewing Cushion Cording

I am teaching a cushion sewing class and in the third class you learn how to add piping to add a beautiful finish to your cushion.

Many of my students had difficulties getting an clean finish on the bottom of the cushion when sewing the cording ends. So I thought I pop these instructions on here if you guys like to try a different method 🙂

This might be easier than crossing the ends on the bottom.


Tip for sewing corded piping

Sew up to the point where the ends meet and leave a few centimetres unstitched:


Now use your seam ripper and unpick a few stitches of the actual cording so that the cord separates from the band.

Tip: wrap the ends in sticky tape to keep them from fraying.


Now push the cording to the left hand side and sew the rest of the band in place:


Flatten the loose cords on one side and place the others on top to make it look like the cord is continuing as normal:


Now sew over the separate cords one by one as in the picture:


Then sew the rest of the cushion together as normal 🙂

xx Kristina

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