Welcome to Needlefruit!

The Gap has welcomed its own Sewing Lounge and Shop. Nestled on the foothills and surrounded by forest on the skirts of the inner suburbs of Brisbane is the Needlefruit Sewing Lounge.

Why learn to sew with Needlefruit’s sewing classes?

There’s lots of ways to learn and some good places to take Brisbane Sewing Classes. So why learn with Needlefruit? Well, if you asked us we’d say because Needlefruit is a quiet, spacious happy place. It’s perfect for getting away from it all and take some time for yourself. Most of all, we have wonderful students who want to socialise and make friends as well as learn to sew.

Aside from being friendly and relaxing we;

  • Offer first-timer classes all the way to advanced,
  • Have everything you need for your project (kits provided in beginner classes),
  • Have top-of-the-line sewing machines for you,
  • Prepare on-trend projects based on desired skills,
  • Use independent pattern designs,
  • Will help introduce you to your new friend properly – Mrs sewing machine.

About Kristina

I am a Brisbane local for more than 10 years now. I made the move to this beautiful side of the world because of, well you would have guessed, a man! I fell head over heels in love with my now husband while travelling and after much forwards and backwards between the continents I made the move from Berlin to Brisbane.

I started sewing as a hobby to relax at night after a stressful day. Creating something with my hands, even just a few stitches, seemed to relax me. I could shut everything out and be totally immersed in my own world.

I think sewing your own clothes is sooo liberating! I never liked clothes shopping very much and now I don’t have to. A good part of my wardrobe is handmade now and I can’t imagine going back. I think sewing is empowering and for me personally it changed my life for the better.

Open by appointment only.

Give us a call to book a class or book online through this website.