I am a sewing enthusiast and embroidery artist from Brisbane.

Well, I live in Brisbane but am from Berlin in Germany. I made the move to the other side of this world because of, well you would have guessed, a man! I fell head over heals in love with my now husband while travelling and after much forwards and backwards between the continents I made the move to Brisbane.



I started sewing and embroidery as a hobby to relax at night after a stressful day. Creating something with my hands, even just a few stitches, seemed to relax me. I could shut everything out and be totally immersed in my own world.

I took courses in Pattern Making and Sewing Lessons with the thought in mind to teach one day.

I think sewing your own clothes is sooo liberating! No more running around trying to find clothes that sort of fit you body, style and mood. You find yourself breaking the rules (if there are any) combining florals and polkadots in a dress pattern, for example.

Make your own fashion trends and Learn To Sew.

Anybody can sew. If I can, you can!

Thanks for stopping by,