Business Opportunity



We have produced a set of 13 basic family patterns, including patterns for Dad designed exclusively for stretch/knit fabric only. The patterns are multi sized from Baby small to XXXL for adults. They are printed in the form of lines, one set of lines for each size, on one sheet of paper. You simply trace off the size you want and keep the master pattern intact for whenever you want to trace off for another size.

The patterns are basic designs with set in sleeve and raglan design which allows you to make all kinds of t-shirts for the whole family and t-shirt dresses for girls and ladies with many styles of necklines.

The concept of this type of pattern is the technique that makes it so easy for the student to learn to sew quickly is because there are no darts, no zippers, no overcasting, no facings, and with 6mm (¼ inch) seams leaves room for error if stitching is not quiet straight. Compared with conventional sewing it is quick, easy and less complicated and students feel very confident and master the task with amazing results.

Knit and stretch fabric is popular for our every day clothes as t shirts, track suits, sloppy joes, skirts, slacks, knit tops, pyjamas and so on for all the family, this fabric washes easily and requires little care and almost no ironing.

An opportunity exists for you to conduct classes by demonstration, You can hire a room in an office building, behind a shop, even at home, infact almost anywhere, and all you need is a table, a sewing machine, and chairs for students to sit on. An ideal situation would be in a room behind a fabric shop or a sewing machine shop where you could hire or arrange an agreement in conjunction with the business owner, in regards to a commission upon your referral sales in their shop or a hire fee. The students could then purchase the fabric or sewing machine from that shop. You could even do it in your own home with small numbers as more personal lessons. The number of students you enrol in a course is dependant of the size of the room and the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

You cut and sew the garment in front of the students, they then go home and cut and sew a garment for their homework. Each student brings their completed garment to the next lesson for show and discussion. This creates excitement and achievement among the students.

The course you conduct comprises six 2 hour lessons over 6 weeks, day or evening. The students pay a set fee in advance for the course which includes the Needle Manual and the set of 13 Needle Patterns. The Patterns and Manual are sold to you then you on sell them to your clients.

As you can see the more people you have in a class and the more classes you conduct the more income you can generate You could do a morning course each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and an evening course on the same evenings. Lets say 10 people in each course this would generate a good income. If you did 3 morning and 3 evening courses each six weeks this would generate a better income.

Of course classified adverts must be placed in the local newspapers advertising the courses and a phone number where students can phone to make their booking. The local newspaper of the area is the best source for this as well as local notice boards. A letter box drop in the area will also boost enquiry to get you started. We can supply you with an initial form of advert in this regard. After you have completed your first 6 week course you will find that students will tell other people about your course and this will generate further bookings. This is called word of mouth and is the best form of advertising.

There are many other options to conduct more advanced classes as shown in the instruction manual as plackets, hem finishing, pockets, altering the patterns, and so on. The students become your repeat business as they wish to join these advanced classes.

There are more opportunities for you to sell more products to students such as haberdashery items that you will use during the course, eg pins, tracing paper, thread, and even sewing machines. This would increase your income considerably.

We hope this has given you an insight as to how you can run your own business, teaching sewing. It is a very satisfying occupation and the monetary rewards are there providing you have the energy and inclination to generate the bookings.

Should you wish to pursue this business option further we invite you to phone us on 0418 825 825 anytime, better still, after hours on 02 9879 7993 and we would be happy to meet with you and discuss the matter further.

If on the other hand you know somebody who is already an experienced seamstress you may like to introduce this idea to them.